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Past Past is where we can see how the machinery vision occurred and has developed. Humanistic desires as well as technical advancements describe the history of computer vision.  This part may include pre-digital equipments such as camera and glasses because it helps us understand how humanities wanted to augment and expand their vision. Present This [...]

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Topic Essay – Hana

The main topic of my exhibition is the development and advancement of computational power. As we human beings have experienced, computers have been invading our everyday lives so deeply that we are almost forgetting how recent computers are powerful and transparent. In this essay, I would like to describe the ways of how the relationship [...]

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Object Study and Checklist

The central object I selected was a poster named "Poster for Lethal Art: Michelangelo and Astronaut", which was created by Mike McNeilly in the late 20th. Although this object is neither a digital device nor an interface, I think it can be a rational hub to design the visitor's experience. As we can see, this [...]

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Project Proposal

The exhibition I am proposing here is titled "Power: The Development of Technology and Computers". This exhibition mainly explains how the computer environment has changed by the advancement of technology and illustrates where future technology would bring us.  In order to analytically understand how technology has changed computers, the four characteristics of computers will be [...]

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