Object Study and Checklist

Cultural Regard for Technology: Literature, Film and Computers Object Study: SX-70 Camera SX-70 Camera And Case; Designed by Henry Dreyfuss (American, 1904-1972); USA; polysulfone plastic with a layer of copper-nickel-chromium alloy; applied leather; 1999-2-2-a,b The SX-70 Camera was the first ever instant-photography device exhibited and later sold by the Polaroid Corporation. It ran in production [...]

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Object Study and Checklist

The central object I selected was a poster named "Poster for Lethal Art: Michelangelo and Astronaut", which was created by Mike McNeilly in the late 20th. Although this object is neither a digital device nor an interface, I think it can be a rational hub to design the visitor's experience. As we can see, this [...]

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Rachel’s Proposal, Object Study, and Checklist

Project Proposal: I am proposing an exhibition that emphasizes technologies modified or reimagined to better suit the needs of sight and hearing impaired communities. Mainstream technology is slowly providing better experiences for impaired people, with things like dictation apps and braille covers for keyboards. However, several small companies through outsource initiatives have been introducing more [...]

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