Exhibiton – Past, Present, and Future Justifications

What does each section mean to me? Past: Pre-digital I believe that the technology that was developed in the past with regard to our overall theme of vision was deployed according to two different factors: Necessity and Aesthetic. Vision devices, which this study begins observations of dating back to the turn of the 20th Century, [...]

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Project Proposal: Digital Genre

Project Proposal: Digital Genre             As Janet H. Murray explodes the notion of genre in the age of digital media production, the consideration of remediated entertainment forms being regarded as interrelated provokes a deep interest for us. As Murray says in the introduction of Inventing the Medium (2011), “All things made with electronic bits and [...]

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Blood – Thematic Essay

A History of Seeing             A person holding a camera is able to capture the world around them. The frame of the camera however limits the affect of a totalization of the visible world that the human eye promises. The part of the world that a person looking through a camera sees is burnt, chemically [...]

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Object Study and Checklist

Cultural Regard for Technology: Literature, Film and Computers Object Study: SX-70 Camera SX-70 Camera And Case; Designed by Henry Dreyfuss (American, 1904-1972); USA; polysulfone plastic with a layer of copper-nickel-chromium alloy; applied leather; 1999-2-2-a,b The SX-70 Camera was the first ever instant-photography device exhibited and later sold by the Polaroid Corporation. It ran in production [...]

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