Project Proposal

Project Proposal: Digital Genre

Project Proposal: Digital Genre             As Janet H. Murray explodes the notion of genre in the age of digital media production, the consideration of remediated entertainment forms being regarded as interrelated provokes a deep interest for us. As Murray says in the introduction of Inventing the Medium (2011), “All things made with electronic bits and [...]

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Rachel’s Proposal, Object Study, and Checklist

Project Proposal: I am proposing an exhibition that emphasizes technologies modified or reimagined to better suit the needs of sight and hearing impaired communities. Mainstream technology is slowly providing better experiences for impaired people, with things like dictation apps and braille covers for keyboards. However, several small companies through outsource initiatives have been introducing more [...]

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Project Proposal

The exhibition I am proposing here is titled "Power: The Development of Technology and Computers". This exhibition mainly explains how the computer environment has changed by the advancement of technology and illustrates where future technology would bring us.  In order to analytically understand how technology has changed computers, the four characteristics of computers will be [...]

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