Past, Present, and Future Descriptions

Past:   In this portion of the exhibit, I am defining the “past” as pre-digital objects used for seeing. So, anything that was a precursor to digital, which could range from pinhole cameras (camera obscura), stereoscopes, and analog film cameras. This would also include the end products of these tools and machines, such as tintypes, [...]

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Rachel’s Topic Essay

In thinking about this hypothetical exhibition, a topic that seems imperative to the mission of the companies creating these objects is communication; specifically for creative work and collaboration. The DeafSpace Sensory Design, EyeOn EyeTech, Braille Display HumanWare Brailliant BI 40, and the Code Jumper by Humanware are all examples of new technologies being created to [...]

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Rachel’s Proposal, Object Study, and Checklist

Project Proposal: I am proposing an exhibition that emphasizes technologies modified or reimagined to better suit the needs of sight and hearing impaired communities. Mainstream technology is slowly providing better experiences for impaired people, with things like dictation apps and braille covers for keyboards. However, several small companies through outsource initiatives have been introducing more [...]

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