Thematic Essay

Rachel’s Topic Essay

In thinking about this hypothetical exhibition, a topic that seems imperative to the mission of the companies creating these objects is communication; specifically for creative work and collaboration. The DeafSpace Sensory Design, EyeOn EyeTech, Braille Display HumanWare Brailliant BI 40, and the Code Jumper by Humanware are all examples of new technologies being created to [...]

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Blood – Thematic Essay

A History of Seeing             A person holding a camera is able to capture the world around them. The frame of the camera however limits the affect of a totalization of the visible world that the human eye promises. The part of the world that a person looking through a camera sees is burnt, chemically [...]

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Topic Essay – Hana

The main topic of my exhibition is the development and advancement of computational power. As we human beings have experienced, computers have been invading our everyday lives so deeply that we are almost forgetting how recent computers are powerful and transparent. In this essay, I would like to describe the ways of how the relationship [...]

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