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The Screen: History of Display Object/Display Technology

I hope to investigate the medium of 'screens,' or more specifically display objects/technology. If I were to date back from 1870 to the present, I would consider the canvas a screen/form of display technology. My first object of study would be a work that was produced around 1870 through screen printing.  The method requires the use [...]

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PED Project Proposal: Pamphlets (Text)

PED Project Proposal: Pamphlets. I will look at different pamphlets meant to be disseminated widely between the 1870’s and the present.  I will focus on how the means emerged in the late 19th century for “DIY” print making, specifically what techniques were used and how the content changed in relation to the advancement of technique [...]

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Track Proposal: Try Not to Smile and Say Cheese

Try Not to Smile and Say Cheese      For my proposal, it's kinda complicated on what I'm planning since it spans different fields/motifs, but I want to focus on the visual—primarily photography—and the history of the “posed” photograph. (By posed I mean non-candid photograph.) While I explore the evolution and development of the “posed” [...]

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Instant Art: Museums, Image Technology, and the Visual Dissemination of Collections

When we think about ‘viewing’ culture, the museum is the premier platform for a legitimate and educational experience. The obvious limitation of this is the static and singular nature of the collection and the museum itself. In order to see the works of art, a viewer would have to travel to a museum to see [...]

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Track Proposal: Audio-Fidelity

The term ‘Audio Fidelity’ is problematic in several ways. First, there is the philosophical problem. Implied in the term ‘fidelity’ is a major epistemological claim about reality: that there is an authentic source, an objective and discrete ‘thing’, in our case the original performance of a musical or sonic piece, that is then somehow [...]

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Wartime Photography, the Advancement of Photographic Technology, and American Culture

For my project, I would like to research American wartime photography. I will focus on still images and how the subjects of those images have changed over time, parallel to the advancement of photographic technology and American society. I want to look at what happens when camera equipment becomes less bulky, shutter speeds increase, development [...]

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Teleologies of the American Comic: Text and Fixed Image Media Study

  Abstract: This is a self-reflexive examination of American comics during the late nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. It examines technological determinism and the theoretical framework of the following premise(s): Gabilliet: Comics + Pulp Magazines = Comic Books & Graphic Novels McLuhan: print technology + paper technology + ink technology + binding technology = comic [...]

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