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Visualization Rough Draft

  The droplets will have each have images in them and the tiny droplets (circles) towards the bottom, will begin to have more candid shots (blue), posed shots (purple), and "negative" images (red) in their respective time frames. The bottom liquid will probably be a collage of selfies/images from present. For instance, the Ellen/celebrity selfie [...]

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List of Objects and Dates

OBJECTS 1  Magic Lantern 2  Halftone Printing 3  Kodachrome 35mm slides 4  CMYK Sheet-fed Printing Press 5  Digital Photography 6  Google Art Project 7  Street View Trolley             DATES  1  1849  First Magic Lantern show in Philadelphia 2  1880  first newpaper image in halftone 3  1892  Creation of Kodak by [...]

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Capturing the Subject 1945-Present

DATES May 17th, 1954 - "Brown vs. Board" The Supreme Court issues its landmark Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka ruling, which declared that racially segregated public schools were inherently unequal. This leads to boycotts, protests, and struggles for public transportation, voting, and all areas of social life. This eventually leads to the Civil Rights [...]

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Wartime Photography 1945-Present

HYPOTHESIS: With the advance of photographic technology and founding of the NPPA, the potential for seeing accurate wartime images has steadily increased. However, obstacles such as censorship and the recent development of “churnalism” have severely limited the images we see. OBJECTS: Leicaflex SL Camera (1964-1976) Kodak Nikon DCS100 (1991) Canon EOS   DATES: 1946: National [...]

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