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Track Proposal: The Sociocultural Impacts the Development of the Still Image Has Had in American Culture   “One picture is worth one thousand words” – William Saroyan   I want to weigh the sociocultural impacts that photography has created in its evolution. Through the lens of empathy, how can we understand how photography has positively [...]

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The Trajectory of Citizen Journalism: From the Print Press Era to the Internet Century

It’s the figure skating field of 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Winter Games. You spectate and record Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu’s elegant performance on the ice with your camera. Yuzuru scores highest and you eagerly post his skating video online with great congratulations. It’s Monday morning, you wake up and check twitter updates as usual [...]

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Evolution of Television Industry in China and Social Conditions behind its Development

My project is going to explore the development of television in mainland China and it will also put this technical development into the broader narrative in China’s social development and changes. It will discuss how televisions have evolved, under what social conditions they are developed and what are their influence on the society. When the [...]

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Let’s Hear It for the Teens: Music Sharing and the Self-Determination of an American Demographic

For this project, I want to look at the ways in which the teenager began to define itself as a concept through audio media innovation. I would argue that teenagers are more autonomous than ever today, and the digitization of their lives plays an integral role in this age group's ability to continue to define [...]

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Track Proposal: Changing Media for Social Protest in American Popular Music

In July, 1965, famed folk musician and protest anthem-writer Bob Dylan took the stage at the Newport Folk Festival without his signature acoustic guitar, replacing it with a Fender Stratocaster. The crowd loudly voiced its displeasure, erupting into “boos” after each song. The music he played still featured his signature protesting lyrics which advocated for [...]

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Sampling: An Historical Overview of the Democratization of Music

The existence of music has long served as a manner of communication to express and reflect innumerable facets of the human condition in a pure form, transcending boundaries of language and appealing to a state of perception that eludes any easy articulation. Historical and anthropological research reveals countless forms of articulation of music through scales, [...]

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the Development of Chinese Commercial Advertising: 1870-2018

Commercial advertising is a product of the commercial economy, which appears in the pre-modern era of history. Since the first industrial revolution in Western countries, the advertising industry has experienced a significant blossoming with the development of the modern commercial economy. Until now, advertising has become not only a medium between businesses and consumers, but [...]

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Track Proposal: Visualizing China-Telling the Visual Stories in the Age of Modern China

For my proposal, I would like to research Chinese photography. In my research, I will mainly focus on still images. I also want to discover the subjects of those images have changed over time, parallel to the development of photographic technology and Chinese society. I not only want to know the change when camera equipment, [...]

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Untitled: Track Proposal Physical, Electrical, Digital Project -Tashi Kaiser

Track Proposal Physical, Electrical, Digital Project             The arc of Tibetan Buddhism begins in a mythic primordial space, Samantabadra/Samantabadri, the father/mother, the creation of the universe: form and emptiness manifests everything. Written and spoken Tibetan represents both oral and symbolic expression of knowledge. Tibetan Buddhist Dharma is in varied ways integrating this knowledge, from the [...]

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