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Untitled: Track Proposal Physical, Electrical, Digital Project -Tashi Kaiser

Track Proposal Physical, Electrical, Digital Project             The arc of Tibetan Buddhism begins in a mythic primordial space, Samantabadra/Samantabadri, the father/mother, the creation of the universe: form and emptiness manifests everything. Written and spoken Tibetan represents both oral and symbolic expression of knowledge. Tibetan Buddhist Dharma is in varied ways integrating this knowledge, from the [...]

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January 31 Questions P, E, D

Media, Daniel Miller p117 Question: If the congregation of the Apostolic Church exchanged their community based in a brick and mortar church with an internet congregation as God's vision to rebrand to the "World Breakthrough Network", what constitutes community with respect to this shift? The System of Objects, Jean Baudrillard p207 Question: "In their identity [...]

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