List of Objects and Dates

OBJECTS 1  Magic Lantern 2  Halftone Printing 3  Kodachrome 35mm slides 4  CMYK Sheet-fed Printing Press 5  Digital Photography 6  Google Art Project 7  Street View Trolley             DATES  1  1849  First Magic Lantern show in Philadelphia 2  1880  first newpaper image in halftone 3  1892  Creation of Kodak by [...]

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Instant Art: Museums, Image Technology, and the Visual Dissemination of Collections

When we think about ‘viewing’ culture, the museum is the premier platform for a legitimate and educational experience. The obvious limitation of this is the static and singular nature of the collection and the museum itself. In order to see the works of art, a viewer would have to travel to a museum to see [...]

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