Wartime Photography 1945-Present

HYPOTHESIS: With the advance of photographic technology and founding of the NPPA, the potential for seeing accurate wartime images has steadily increased. However, obstacles such as censorship and the recent development of “churnalism” have severely limited the images we see. OBJECTS: Leicaflex SL Camera (1964-1976) Kodak Nikon DCS100 (1991) Canon EOS   DATES: 1946: National [...]

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Wartime Photography 1860-1945

HYPOTHESIS Technological advances in photography + NPPA – censorship = truthful depictions of the American soldier in conflict OBJECTS Wetplate Camera (1851)   Pocket Kodak Camera (1895) Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak (1915-1926) The Contax I   DATES 1861-1865-American Civil War (April 12-14, 1861-American Civil War begins with the Battle of Fort Sumter) 1889-First roll of [...]

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Wartime Photography, the Advancement of Photographic Technology, and American Culture

For my project, I would like to research American wartime photography. I will focus on still images and how the subjects of those images have changed over time, parallel to the advancement of photographic technology and American society. I want to look at what happens when camera equipment becomes less bulky, shutter speeds increase, development [...]

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