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The origins of tumblr come out of a history of internet blogging, which itself comes from online journals sometime around 1994. Here, people would chronicle the events of their day and post their thoughts. Over time, these individual musings became…
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Internet forums, or message boards, began to take shape in the 90’s, but their roots extend back around twenty years prior with the advent of Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) in 1978. Functioning, appropriate to their name, like a virtual bulletin board,…
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Prior to the Copyright Act of 1976, no significant changes had been made to copyright law since 1909. However, with the amount of technological advancements and the proliferation of mediums such as film, television, and radio, it became a necessity…
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The next big shift in copymaking began to take shape in the mid twentieth century with electronic photocopiers. Moving away from the highly tactile process of creating a stencil and rolling ink through with the mimeograph, the photocopier combined a…
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The precursor to the mimeograph was an 1875 invention by Thomas Edison known as the Electric Pen. The patent for the device was received one year later, covering the electric pen which was used to create a stencil, and the flatbed duplicating press.…
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In the late nineteenth century, automated printing processes that sped up the production and output of periodicals allowed for greater circulation of content that could reach a wider audience. The magazine, and specifically New Journalism practices,…
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In the early nineteenth century, printing continued to be conducted by handpress, with an output that remained virtually unchanged for the last four hundred years. Magazine production often found multiple handpressed working simultaneously to produce…
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