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Social media platforms gained popularity in the 2000s. MySpace, a widely used social media platform at the time, introduced the first direct user-to-user chat feature in 2006. This was a major innovation in Instant Messaging software, as users no…
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For centuries, if not millenia, humans have leveraged the navigational abilities of 'homing' or 'carrier' pigeons to transport messages across long distances. Carrier pigeons released at random locations are most often able to return to their homing…
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The Short Messaging Service (SMS) resulted from a decade-long effort to bring alphanumerical messaging capabilities to cellular networks. SMS was originally implemented as a part of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) digital phone…
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While the concept of internet-based real time chat was pioneered by IRC, ICQ spearheaded the rise of Instant Messaging (IM) by introducing a key innovation: a centralized architecture that focused on one-to-one conversations between individual users…
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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a computer software and network of servers that facilitates text-based conversations on the Internet. The first version of the protocol, along with the first server and client applications, were written by Jarkko Okarinen…
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In 1981, Radiofone, a telecommunications company based in New Orleans, commercially launched the first pager with a display screen which was manufactured by the Japanese company NEC (NYTimes, 1981). The pager could display numerical messages up to 10…
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The invention of the electrical telegraph can be attributed to various advancements in the fields of electricity and electromagnetism during the 19th century. In 1800, Alessandro Volta invented the voltaic cell. And in 1826, William Sturgeon invented…
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The Semaphore Optical Telegraph was invented by the Chappe brothers in France in 1792. Claude Chappe, the primary inventor, first called this device a tachygraph, ‘that which writes fast.’ It was eventually renamed the telegraph, ‘that which writes…
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