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CCTV, also known as closed circuit television, is a system of video cameras transmitting signals to a limited set of monitors. The system is closed and independent, and access to the system is limited. A CCTV system is composed of certain basic…
Item Type: Technology

Two years following the popularity of camera phones in Asia, the U.S. mobile company Sprint came out with the Sanyo SCP-5300, which could take pictures at 640x480 pixels; it also had basic flash features, digital zooming capabilities, a self-timer,…
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The VHS format was introduced in North America at a Consumer Electronics Show press conference in Chicago. The VHS stands for Video Home System that was based on an open standard, developed in 1976 by JVC (Japan Victor Company), the standard form of…
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The development of body cameras for police officers created an avenue for law enforcement to collect evidence and provide transparency during controversial altercations. These body-worn cameras are small video cameras attached to a piece of clothing,…
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Tabloid journalism is rooted in the “penny press” of the mid-nineteenth century and in sensationalist “yellow journalism” of the 1900s. The word tabloid arguably originates from tablet, the compressed form of many antibiotics produced by…
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Courtroom sketches in the United States date back as early as the late nineteenth century. These courtroom drawings were created at time when photography was not a practical option for courtroom – even now, many jurisdictions do not allow cameras so…
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The mugshot refers to one of the earliest images of prisoners taken by police of prisoners. Originally done in Belgium beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, around 1844, Parisian police were already using photography immediately after the…
Item Type: Technology
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