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A box camera is a very simple camera that consists of two metal components joined together to form a sealed rectangular box with a single element meniscus fixed focus lens on the front and a loading knob on one side. Several types have two additional…
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A digital camera is a camera that captures photographs in digital memory. A digital camera is a camera that takes pictures and stores them on a computer. The majority of cameras developed today are digital (Musgrove 2006), which have essentially…
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Meitu Xiu Xiu (Meitu Pic) (Chinese: 美图秀秀) is a popular image editing software in mainland China, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is available for download on Google Play and the App Store. It includes picture editing tools such as filters,…
Item Type: Technology

Xiaohongshu, or Little Red Book, is China's social media and e-commerce portal. It's been dubbed "China's response to Instagram" (Deng 2021). This platform allows its users to post photos and videos to share their life, including but not limited to…
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A front-facing camera is one that has the lens facing the user on the same side as the screen on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer monitor. A front-facing camera, generally known as a "selfie camera" on a smartphone or a "Webcam" on a…
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A selfie stick is utilized to take photos or video by positioning a digital camera device, ordinarily a cell phone, past the typical scope of the arm. The selfie stick allows shooting at angles and distances that cannot be achieved with a human arm.…
Item Type: Technology
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