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Credited as being the world’s first gaming laptop and created to ensure the prevention of the “death of PC gaming,” the Razer Blade was one of the most innovative creations of its time. Released in 2011 by Razer (one of the largest gaming hardware…
Item Type: Technology

Handheld gaming was a staple in the gaming industry since its early beginnings, especially from the time of the Milton-Bradley Microvision in 1979 which allowed interchangeable games, as opposed to consoles stuck only with one. That said, Nintendo…
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The IBM Personal Computer (PC) was released in 1981 and created under the directorship of American engineer Don Estridge. It was not the first personal computer to be released, as the Altair (1974) and the 1977 Trinity (Apple II, PET 2001, and…
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The Magnavox Odyssey is largely accepted as the first video-game console to be commercially sold to the ordinary home. Initially, the concept was born in 1966 by Ralph H. Baer of (military contractor) Sanders Associates, and seven prototypes later…
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The beginning of the UNIVAC’s (Universal Automatic Computer) creation was in 1948, and not until 1951 was it sold to its first customer. Created by engineers John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, the UNIVAC was, essentially, an updated version of the…
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The PDP-1 (Programmed Data Processor-1), which launched in 1959, was the first mini-computer released to the public (albeit in small quantities). The company responsible for this, DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), had Benjamin Gurley, an engineer…
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Largely credited as the first automatic electronic digital computer and completed in 1937, the ABC (Atanasoff Berry Computer) was one of the first and largest milestones in the development of the computer as we know it today. This was created by Dr.…
Item Type: Technology
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