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  • Tags: Transparent Walls: The Technology of Dissemination in Art Museum Collections

Figure 1: Google Art Project view of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Petrie Court
Many museums around the world have been working tirelessly to make their collections and even publications available online for the public. With the Google Art Project, Google’s Cultural Institute aimed to go one step beyond this by making the actual…
Item Type: Technology

Figure 2: RGB versus CMYK color
As printing techniques continued to progress at the turn of the 20th century, color became the next big hurdle for photography and eventually printing. With halftone printing, the challenge was being able to better integrate text and image such that…
Item Type: Technology

Figure 2: CCD Sensor in a Nikon Digital Camera
Digital Photography is arguably one of the most influential inventions in image sharing technologies. The history of digital photography gets its earliest start from the work of George Smith and Willard Boyle of Bell Laboratories. Originally working…
Item Type: Technology

Figure 1: Street View Trolley Inside the Iraq National Museum
The Google Street View trolley, now one of five image-capturing devices that make up Google’s ‘fleet’ has been extremely valuable to the museum world as institutions continue to ameliorate their presence and relevance on the Internet platform. The…
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Figure 1: Kodak Slide Transparencies
Once photography became a stronghold for both professional and personal documentation, the technology continued to develop to become increasingly user-friendly and stable. Many early techniques were laborious and if not conducted properly, the…
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Biunial Magic Lantern
When thinking of magic lanterns, fine art education isn’t what necessarily comes to mind, however this technology served as a precursor to more modern day technologies, such as slide projectors and PowerPoint, and helped promote the use of…
Item Type: Technology
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