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The cover story “Professor's Power" of the popular magazine Lifeweekin China
A series of graduate students’ suicides events took place in China in the first half of 2018, which triggered wide-spread discussions on Chinese social media websites. The breaking news was initially published by both traditional media institutions…
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The official leader of CAC President Xi Jinping
The Central Internet Security and Informatization Commission (Chinese: 中央网络安全和信息化委员会), formerly known as the Central Leading Group for Internet Security and Informatization (Chinese: 中央网络安全和信息化领导小组) is a policy formulation and implementation body set…
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Twitter surpassed by Weibo in active users
Twitter was founded in 2006 and gained a lot of popularity during the 2007 SXSW (South by Southwest) conference. As a social media platform, it allows communications among strangers all over the world to take place and has also spawned a number of…
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Chinese people said goodbye to Google's leave.
As China ushered into the age of the Internet, the Great Firewall project was launched by the Chinese government and executed in mainland China in 1998, designed to block access to selected foreign websites and to slow down cross-border internet…
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Internet population
On 6 August 1991, the World Wide Web became publicly available. Developed by the team of the European Organization for Nuclear Research and operated in hypertext, World Wide Web created the technological conditions for horizontal, global…
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First-ever televised sporting event<br />
Columbia vs. Princeton
As television history lifted its curtain when Columbia vs. Princeton became the first ever sports game on air, newspaper this major form of journalism encountered its second presumable decline (the first time is when radio was invented). Although…
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Founded in 1922 as a nonprofit professional organization, ASNE promotes fair, principled journalism, defends and protects First Amendment rights, and fights for freedom of information and open government. A year later, the society issued a code of…
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At the School of Journalism at Columbia University
In his will, Joseph Pulitzer leaves Columbia University $2 million to establish a graduate school of journalism, one of the first in the United States. He also bequeaths the funds for the establishment of the Pulitzer Prize. First awarded in 1917,…
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Forerunner of the Associated Press (AP) was organized by a group of American publishers in order to acquire news and information from Europe. Primarily, correspondents and news bureaus aggregated as members in this non-profit, cooperative and…
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In the 1830s, as printing technology and public literacy advanced, mass-circulation of cheap newspapers and magazines emerged and found its market among wider and less educated audience. 1833, Benjamin Day began selling copies of his New York Sun for…
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