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Alipay is a third-party payment company belonging to Alibaba Group. With the advantage of lowering the cost of payment chain and enabling enterprises to focus on only the payment of online services, it soon grew into the biggest third-party payment…
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In 1994, China was officially connected to the Internet. In just twenty-five years, it has completed changed the way people live. By 2008, the number of user of Internet in China became the largest in the world. By 2018, over 59.6% of Chinese people…
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After the devastating impact of the Cultural Revolution, China decided to implement the Economic Reform and Open Up Policy. This policy marked the start of socialist market economy, which ended the previously planned economy of China and opened a…
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The issue of the third series of RMB is under a condition of the breakdown of Sino-Soviet relation. Heretofore, China did not own the technology of producing bank notes with anti-counterfeiting but used Soviet technology of “Orlov Printing”. When the…
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When China was newly established, the insufficient supplies of food, poor economic system along with other problems made it hard for people to sustain a living. As a result, in 1955, Chinese government started to release food coupon to distribute…
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Before China could recover from the damage of the war of resisting against Japan, the civil war between nationalist government and the Chinese communists began. During the marching of the communist army towards inland China, they produced and issued…
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When the Great Depression severely damage the economy of Japan. In order to recover from the economy loss of the country, Japanese militarists conducted a strategy of invading China. During this eight-year war, in order to effectively deploy military…
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Ever since 1840, the European invaders had provoked several wars to encroach the land and money on China. They established foreign banks in China to issues their own notes and coins. Moreover, the corrupt Qing government failed to establish a unified…
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After the Industrial Revolution, the British was so eager for capital accumulation that they came to China to sell opium, wishing to exchange for gold and silver. However, when opium is harmful to people’s health, the emperor of Qing dynasty refused…
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