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At the 2019 WorldCon in Dublin, Ireland, the fanfiction forum Archive of Our Own (AO3) was presented with the Hugo Award for Best Related Work. While fan publications such as fanzines had been presented since 1955, AO3 winning the award represented…
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In July 2014, a fan screening of fan short film “Prelude to Axanar” took place at San Diego ComicCon. The project would serve as a prequel to their feature length film “Axanar.” Crowdfunded on kickstarter, Axanar raised over $1.2 million, catching…
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In 2007, a group of fans founded a nonprofit organization whose commitment was to "serve the interests of fans by providing access to and preserving the history of fanworks and fan culture" ( The OTW provides…
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On October 1, 1999, a twelve year old homeschooled boy from Indiana with a working knowledge of html and a passion for Harry Potter decided to create a website. Titled Mugglenet, the fansite became wildly popular within a year of its founding, and…
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The September 1974 issue of Grup, an Adult rated Star Trek fanzine, featured a story titled “A Fragment Out of Time.” Featuring Spock and an unnamed second character who can very easily be inferred as Kirk, the story presented the first case of…
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The first official Science Fiction convention was held in New York from July 2-4, 1939. The event coincided with the New York World Fair and was held in Caravan Hall, hosting around 200 attendees. The event would later become known as WorldCon, a…
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In 1930, the first of what would later become known in the fan world as a “fanzine” was published. Titled “The Comet,” it was produced in Chicago in 1930 by Raymond Arthur Palmer and the Science Correspondence Club. These early fanzines consisted…
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The first instance of “canon” referring to the distinction between the official text written by an author to differentiate it from fan-created works occurred in scholarship surrounding Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. One such…
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In 1893, Arthur Conan Doyle put his beloved detective, Sherlock Holmes, to rest with the publication of “The Final Problem” in the Strand. This resulted in an outpouring of emotion from outraged fans who were not ready to let the detective go. Also…
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In 1881, George Newnes ushered in a wave of “New Journalism” with his founding of the periodical “Tit-Bits from all the Interesting Books, Periodicals, and Newspapers of the World.” His conception was to create a magazine aimed toward an expanding…
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