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Launched in 2011, WeChat has become the most widely used communication and social platform in China, integrating instant messaging, social media, mobile payment, and many other features. With the slogan "WeChat, a lifestyle," it continues to define…
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According to the China Internet Network Information Center, by December 2016, there were 695 million mobile Internet users in China, which demonstrates that China has fully entered the mobile Internet era. The basic features of mobile Internet…
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In the initial stage of China's Internet development, web portals were almost synonymous with the Internet. The year 1998 witnessed the establishment of the three major portals, namely Sina, Sohu, and Netease, which not only represented the most…
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In response to Mao Zedong's instruction to greatly promote revolutionary model operas, the filming of them began in the 1860s.Zhiqu weihushan (Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy) was the first one to be produced on film. It was produced by Beijing…
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In May 1965, Jiang Qing claimed the status of eight revolutionary model operas. They consisted of five operas, two ballets, and one symphony. The five operas were Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy (Zhiqu weihushan), The Red Lantern (Hongdengji),…
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With China's diplomatic failure at the Paris Peace Conference as the trigger, the May Fourth Movement broke out on May 4, 1919. Initially, university students in Beijing protested on the street, and then merchants and workers in Shanghai also…
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After the First World War, the Chinese people became increasingly concerned about current affairs, especially China's national interests and future, at the Paris Peace Conference. In response to the trend of the time, on December 22, 1918, Chen Duxiu…
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On September 15, 1915, Qingnian Zazhi(Youth Magazine), edited by Chen Duxiu, was launched in Shanghai. From September 1916, its name was changed to Xin Qingnian(New Youth).It was the central publication for promoting anti-feudal ideas and advocating…
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The New Culture Movement was an unprecedented ideological liberation movement in China. It promoted democracy and science, criticized feudal culture and advocated the liberation of individuality, and was regarded as China’s Enlightenment. It was not…
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The Commercial Press was founded in Shanghai. It was the first modern publishing institution in China and is currently the most powerful and influential cultural publishing institution in the country. For more than a century, the Commercial Press has…
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