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The Attica Prison Riot was an uprising by prisoners, the most famous prison uprising in the 20th century. During this event, prisoners took control of the Attica Prison Facility in protest of its harsh living conditions, where among other human…
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Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay housed America’s most dangerous felons from 1934 to 1963, including Al Capone and Richard Stroud. In 1971, Alcatraz opened itself up to tourists for a prison tourism experience by the National Park Service. Over a…
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Cartoon from the spectator (1).jpg
The Spectator, a prison newspaper published from inside Michigan State Prison was operated by and for inmates in the prison. The newspaper features many different columns and stories, such as sports and gossip, as well as political cartoons. The…
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The Professional Criminals of America was published in 1886 and was a compendium of images of almost 400 criminals. The book contained mug shots, descriptions, and individual records of each criminal and was written by an inspector named Thomas…
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I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang is an American drama film that was released in 1932 exposing the life of inmates that formed chain gangs. It was known for having elicited social interest in the brutality and widespread use of chain gangs in the…
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The Big House is one of the earliest prison films that set a number of precedents in the genre, depicting deteriorating prison conditions that lead to a prison riot. It explored a number of facets about life in prison, including hierarchies,…
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Here is an 8-minute excerpt from a 30-minute silent film made in 1929 on the 100th anniversary of Eastern State Penitentiary’s opening. The prints of the film were given to the prison’s Board of Trustees who later distributed it, but only one copy…
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Lockup was a prison reality TV show and documentary series produced by 44 Blue Productions and that aired on MSNBC. It explored life in jail and prison facilities in the United States, and profiled notable prisoners, various violent incidents, and…
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On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown was killed by police officers Darren Wilson. Brown was 18 years old and a resident of Ferguson, Missouri. This moment has been cited by many to be the one that propelled police departments and agencies to start buying…
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Abu Ghraib was a US army detention center for Iraqis captured between 2003 and 2006. The torture scandal at Abu Ghraib refers to the bombshell discovery of graphic digital photos of physical and sexual abuse perpetrated by American soldiers.
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