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Bayer Color Array Pattern
Following the groundbreaking work of Bell Laboratories to invent the CCD sensors crucial to the formation of digital photography, Bruce Bayer patented the second now standard mechanism in 1976, the Bayer Color Filter Array. Designed to mimic the…
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HTML Image Markup Code
In 1990, Worldwide web founder Tim Berners-Lee was collaborating with other early internet researchers on standardizing computer language and came up with the now standard HTML (HyperText Mark-up Language) programming format. This standardization…
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MetPublications Landing Page
Launched in October 2012, The Metropolitan Museum of Art now offers full access to all museum-published books, journals, and bulletins since 1964 in a web feature called MetPublications. This feature gives the public complete access to museum…
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Figure 1: Where Google has Collected Imagery
Google Street View started in 2003 with founder Larry Page experimenting with capturing street level views on a large scale. By 2005, the project had grown in scope and was greatly expanded by the acquisition of a number of companies that provided…
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Figure 1: Museum of the History of Science original homepage
Through its affiliation with the University of Oxford, The Museum of the History of Science became one of the first physical museums to make images of objects in their collection available online for the public. At the time, the museum prided itself…
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Collection Portals on Art Resource
Dr. Theodore Feder, an art history instructor at Columbia University, founded Art Resource in 1968 under the original name of Editorial Photocolor Archives. Originally built as a repository of color images for study and reproduction, it has since…
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Clarence Kennedy photographed by friend and fellow photographer Ansel Adams
The argument over the practice of using reproductions was particularly poignant amongst art history scholars and professors at the turn of the century. Clarence Kennedy’s Harvard University Ph.D. dissertation focusing on Greek Sculpture and the…
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Early Advertisement for Eastman Kodak Company
George Eastman first started to experiment with wet plate photography as an amateur in 1978, but felt the process cumbersome. Inspired by British journals on photography, he began formulating his own dry plate emulsions and eventually designed a…
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Stephen Horgan's "A Scene from Shantytown, New York"
In the late 1870s, the halftone process first took hold as an effective method for cheaply and sufficiently printing images. In 1880, the New York Daily Graphic printed Stephen Horgan’s image ‘A Scene from Shantytown, New York’ which was a…
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Magic Lantern Slide Lecture
In 1849, Frederick and William Langenheim, German-born brothers who became prominent commercial photographers in Philadelphia, gave their first public magic lantern show using photographic slides known as hyalotypes. This event was a culmination of…
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