810 - Book of Kells [Illuminated Manuscript]. <br />
Source Copy University of Chicago

810 - Book of Kells [Illuminated Manuscript].
Source Copy University of Chicago

An Abbreviated (Pre)History of Text and Fixed Image Media

810 - 1846

810 Book of Kells [Illuminated Manuscript]
-Source Copy University of Chicago

1665 Aesop’s Fables [Metal Etching Print]
-Source Copy EEBO
-Etchings by Wenceslaus Hollar
-Published by John Ogilby

1733 Opera of Horace [Metal Engraving Print ]
-Source Copy Arader Galleries
-Illustrated by John Pyne
-Text and images engraved

1766 The Anatomy of the Horse [Intaglio Print]
-Source Copy
-Etchings and Engravings by George Stubs

1789 Songs of Innocence [Etched Printing Colored by Hand]
-Source Copy Library of Congress and Blake Archive
-Text and Images etched in relief by William Blake

1790 History of Quadrupeds [Wood Engraving Print]
-Source Copy National Gallery of Victoria
-Engravings and text by Thomas Bewick

1792-1800 Imitations of Original Drawings by Hans Holbein [Stipple Color Print]
-Source Copy Peter Harrington London for sale for $3500
-Plates by Bartolozzi, C. Metz, and C. Knight

1814-1825 A Voyage Round Great Britain [Aquatint Colour-Plate Print]
-Source Copy University of Glasgow Special Collections
-Original designs drawn and aquatinted by Daniell

1814-1826 Picturesque Views on the Southern Coast of England [Copper Engraved Print]
-Source Copy New York Public Library
-Water paintings of John Raphael Smith
-Black and white engravings by W.B. and George Cooke

1828 Faust [Lithography Print]
-Source Copy
-Stone Engravings by Delacroix
-Translation by Albert Stapfer

1842 The Book of British Ballads [Wood Engraving Print]
-Source Copy
-Teutonic layout by Samuel Carter Hall
-Original illustrations by Richard Dadd
-Mass production

1846 A Book of Nonsense [Lithography Print]
-Source Copy
-Text and Image Lithography by Edward Lear
-Shift from aesthetics to cultural commentary and humor

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