Jimi Hendrix Performs the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock Music & Art Fair

August 18, 1969

At 8:30am on the last day of Woodstock’s three-day peace and music festival, Jimi Hendrix took to the stage in a white fringe jacket, red bandana, and blue jeans, and with his electric guitar—an instrument designed for right-handed players he played like a lefty—begins to play the Star Spangled Banner. Hendrix’s playing technique and tonal distortion simulates the sounds of bombs, gunfire, and screaming soldiers and civilians. As a response to the Vietnam War, Hendrix’ adaptation simultaneously decries blind patriotism, exposes the horrors of war, and
presents his listeners with the new sound of
countercultural, psychedelic patriotism.


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Jimi Hendrix Plays the Star Spangled Banner. 
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