Justice Releases Debut Album "†"

June 18, 2007

The debut album of French electronic music act, Justice, permanently altered perceptions of electronic dance music, its future, and methods of its production. Released on Ed Banger Records in 2007 – the founder of which, Pedro Winter, managed Daft Punk – the album is a complex arrangement of influences ranging from heavy metal and disco, to funk and hip hop. To both challenge themselves and create a unique sound, Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé engaged in a process that would come to be known as “micro-sampling,” which involves the use of unrecognizable samples of works that are then strung together to create a sort of collage – or bricolage – of sound that becomes the final product. “†” samples over 400 records, the only cleared samples being “You Make Me Wanna Wiggle,” by The Brothers Johnson, (for “Newjack”); “Tenebre (Main Theme),” by Goblin, (for “Phantom” and “Phantom Pt. II”); and, “Night on Disco Mountain,” by David Shire, (for “Stress”). In an interview, de Rosnay stated that, “Genesis,” the introductory track, samples 50 Cent, Slipknot, and Queen, at least.

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