Front-facing camera

A front-facing camera is one that has the lens facing the user on the same side as the screen on a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer monitor. A front-facing camera, generally known as a "selfie camera" on a smartphone or a "Webcam" on a laptop, is necessary to make video calls (PCMag.com n.d.).

Moreover, the front-facing camera significantly contributes to the selfie-taking process. It enables users to see themselves on the phone, and thus they can change the gestures or angles to achieve a better selfie effect. Most of the time, the preview image is a mirror image by default, which is more intuitive for most people (Wikipedia 2021). The resolution and quality of the front-facing camera are often inferior to the rear, primary camera (Phone Scoop n.d.). The Game Boy Camera, introduced in Japan in February 1998, may have been the first front-facing camera on a handheld device. The Game Boy Camera was an accessory ("Nintendo: Game Boy Camera" 1998). The Kyocera Visual Phone VP-210 was the first front-facing camera phone, debuted in Japan in May 1999 (Yegulalp 2012).

At the time, it was referred to as a "mobile videophone, (CNN.com 2019)" and had a 110,000-pixel front-facing camera. It could save up to 20 JPEG digital photographs and send them by e-mail or via Japan's Personal Handy-phone System (PHS) wireless cellular network at a rate of up to two images per second (Yegulalp 2012). Sony released a squat flip phone with a 0.3-megapixel camera that could be turned to face the caller in 2003. The Ericsson Z1010 was the first mobile device with a front-facing camera. However, Front-facing cameras were never designed to be used for selfies. Sony's mobile-phone designers, for example, anticipated that the camera-flip feature would be utilized for video-conference sessions, which would remove the need for users to be tied to a desktop or laptop to initiate Skype conversations (Quito 2017).

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