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The Materiality of Information: Visualization

A card catalog record and its digitized MARC record. Here you can see how the information on a card record was divided into fields of metadata. The same resource is described in both records.

Here is the Sonoma County Public Library branch's reading room in 1969 and 2014. You can see how public libraries adapted their physical space once the bulky card catalog files were no longer needed.

Historically visitors to a library were called "patrons." However, after waves of information overload and a crisis in public librarian identities, librarians are currently debating what they should call the visitors to a library. 

On the left is the creator of the Dewey Decimal Classification System, Melvil Dewey. Dewey created his classification system to categorize all human knowledge. On the right is a screenshot of cataloging users from LibraryThing.com. These users classify their collections as they see fit, not necessarily using classification system's like Dewey's.