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Raising the Rainbow Flag Next to the American Flag

My research topic is centered on LGBT Americans in diplomacy. In this framework, diplomacy is defined as the official representation of the United States government sanctioned through the State Department. Diplomats serve in positions of public service, and represent their countries, its values, and its people. Selecting who represents a nation is a daunting process, […]

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Between public and secret: a brief history of cultural performance in gay bars in NY is a website which collects homosexual archives and represents queer culture. Since it was designed for appealing queer individuals and making archives tell stories, the web requires more gazes on small communities and cultural symbols. In this case, I would like to study gay bars in the New York City after the second world […]

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Topic Selection Proposal – History of the LGBT Community Center National History Archive

The research topic I intend to pursue my historical essay is the history of the LGBT Community Center National History Archive (the Center Archive) from its foundation to the present. The Center Archive is located in West Village, New York, and it holds a wide variety of media from the early 1920s such as photos, […]

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