The Evolution of Performative Drag Spaces

Throughout history performing while wearing drag, was a tool actors used to convey a character’s appearance while giving them more personality at the same time. In theatre, it is the ritualistic principal of putting on costumes, make up and anything else that would solidify the becoming of […]

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Topic Proposal- The History of the Word Drag and it’s Future

Humans develop meaning making through experience they turn into language, which then are connected and translated into semantics. This understanding of human development is not only fascinating but also important in understanding change across cultures. It is also a fundamental understanding in performance of gender and in relation to identity. In my essays I really […]

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First and foremost I definitely think that the information and insight into the history of sexuality/identity comes across clearly, especially in the website domain name. The chronologies, book references, information tools and choice of language really made for a personal touch into something that clearly is passionate about. It gave the page a bit […]

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