Asian Americans LGBT and Their Families

The issues of gay, lesbian, and bisexual Asian Americans are both diverse and complex in terms of cultural, social, religious, and psychological themes (Liu and Chan, 2003). This paper will focus on first generation East Asian immigrants and their families (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans); as well as focus on lesbian, gay men, […]

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Final Chronography

1. Change the main argument to comparing the iconic photos of the LGBT Rights Movement and African American Rights Movement and see how the iconic photos affected social movements of both communities.
2. What are the differences and what are the similarities?

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Iconic Photos of LGBT and African American Rights Movements

Introduction to Topic and Main Argument:
Photos and pictures often say more than a thousand words ever could. Many photographs were taken during the civil rights movement and the LGBT rights movement, when the two communities are striving for their equality as the dominant groups—whites and heterosexual—have in this society. Iconic imagery is unquestionably powerful, especially […]

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HIstorical Essays Proposal


For my historical essays, the two topics I chose are one, Asian Americans and Asian immigrants’ perspective on being part of the LGBT community, as well as the cultural clashes they have to face. The second topic would be comparing gay rights with civil rights in the U.S—the gay rights movement that learned from civil […]

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OutHistory Review

When I first visit the website, I couldn’t really tell what the “history” is about. My browsing habit doesn’t usually make me check every corner of a web page, so I do think the “Welcome to OutHistory” and “Using the Site” part can be placed as more obvious—maybe switch the position with the four bars […]

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