Final Chronography – Homeless Queer Youth in New York City and Survival Sex

Link to the Prezi Presentation.

Updates from Previous Class Presentation:

  • Introductory Post/Slide/Circle on Sex Work and Homelessness to set up the Timeline to work on its own (re: Jonathan’s comment on how people would know what the timeline is for)
  • Ability to view multiple slides together/group slides together before zooming in to make it easier for […]
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Cindy – Theme Proposal

My first research topic is on interracial lesbian relationships in films and movies, specifically interracial black ones with other people of color. I had originally wanted to look into representations of interracial Black/Asian queer couples in media, but I had only managed to find one short film that dealt with queer blasian couples at all. […]

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OutHistory Review – Cindy

From what I can garner, OutHistory is a place for academics and the public to share works and put their own stories onto the web. The idea of an active community, resembling that of Wikipedia, participating and regulating content is a goal that has yet to be accomplished, but a documentation of a LGBTQ+ public […]

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