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Raising the Rainbow Flag

My research topic is centered on LGBT Americans in diplomacy. In this framework, diplomacy is defined as the official representation of the United States government sanctioned through the State Department. Diplomats serve in positions of public service, and represent their countries, its values, and its people. Selecting who represents a nation is a […]

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Private and Public: Gay bars in New York City before 1970s

The renowned riot at the gay bar Stonewall Innin 1969 has been recognized as the start of the modern homosexual political movement (Duberman, 1993, p. xv). This riot revealed intense tensions between the police and the homosexual community, which represented a traditional conflict between the homosexual minority and the heterosexual public. This eruption also signaled […]

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Cannot Be Silent: Archiving Queer Materials

We often have heard the term “queer.” “Queer” originally meant odd, peculiar, or strange. However, nowadays, queer is used as an umbrella term that means people who did not conform to dominant norms of sexuality and gender. It was born as heteronormativity’s antithesis and collected to the uncommon notion of social relations that poses a […]

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Stonewall Paper – Final

Liz Velez
Dr. Kimon Keramidas
Queering the Web

Stonewall: A White Man’s Narrative
June 28th in 1969 would mark the first of a five-day-long riot that would act as the opening shot of the battle for LGBT rights in America. The Stonewall Inn, located on Christopher Street in New York, New York, was relatively unremarkable aside from its […]

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Milo Yiannopoulos Final

Liz Velez
Dr. Kimon Keramidas
Queering the Web
A Liberal Defense of an Alt-Right Troll
Heroes come in many forms, and for the Alternative Right, it came in the form of an effeminate gay man with a penchant for upsetting and offending a wide array of people: Milo Yiannopoulos. Hailed by the Alt-Right as a proponent for free speech […]

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LGBT-themed Children’s Books

Regarding the methodology of selection for the books that are examined herein, it is important to note that these books have primarily been chosen because they are “firsts” – often, the first to concern a particular theme or identity group. This should not indicate that there aren’t a number of other children’s books […]

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Asian Americans LGBT and Their Families

The issues of gay, lesbian, and bisexual Asian Americans are both diverse and complex in terms of cultural, social, religious, and psychological themes (Liu and Chan, 2003). This paper will focus on first generation East Asian immigrants and their families (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans); as well as focus on lesbian, gay men, […]

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The Evolution of Performative Drag Spaces

Throughout history performing while wearing drag, was a tool actors used to convey a character’s appearance while giving them more personality at the same time. In theatre, it is the ritualistic principal of putting on costumes, make up and anything else that would solidify the becoming of […]

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