OutHistory Review


In my review of outhistory.org, I focus on user experience, its purpose as an archive, and as an interactive tool for visitors. I also review its donation page since I have experience with fundraising for nonprofits, and this is my expertise.

First Impression

When I first saw the landing […]

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OutHistory.org Review

OutHistory.org website effectively provides users with a variety of interesting topics about queer history. Each content is easy to understand as well as not too long to read, and the quality is high. Readers can deepen their insight into queer history without difficulty from a diverse perspective. In fact, I could obtain some knowledge about […]

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OutHistory Review

When I first visit the website, I couldn’t really tell what the “history” is about. My browsing habit doesn’t usually make me check every corner of a web page, so I do think the “Welcome to OutHistory” and “Using the Site” part can be placed as more obvious—maybe switch the position with the four bars […]

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Outhistory.org Review

First and foremost I definitely think that the information and insight into the history of sexuality/identity comes across clearly, especially in the website domain name. The chronologies, book references, information tools and choice of language really made for a personal touch into something that clearly Outhistory.org is passionate about. It gave the page a bit […]

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OutHistory Review – Cindy

From what I can garner, OutHistory is a place for academics and the public to share works and put their own stories onto the web. The idea of an active community, resembling that of Wikipedia, participating and regulating content is a goal that has yet to be accomplished, but a documentation of a LGBTQ+ public […]

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OutHistory.com Update Proposals

One of the most significant goals of OutHistory.org is outlined in the “about” page as the “active community participation in the discovery and creation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history.” From what I can tell, there have definitely been several attempts to engage readers of the site in a community setting as […]

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Some Ideas to Improve OutHistory

From the “Welcome to OutHistory” segment on the opening page of the OutHistory website, I understood that OutHistory is meant to be a community for LGBTQ+ people and allies. The website is a place for “stories” about LGBTQ+ people in the near and distant past. Moreover, these histories are meant to be a resource for […]

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Outhistory.org Review – Velez

The mission of the website is to illuminate the often ignored queer history, both recent and distant. By doing this, Jonathan Ned Katz hopes to inspire people and equip LGBTQ folk and their allies with a knowledge of LGBTQ history that may be inaccessible otherwise. By providing the audience with access to their history, Katz […]

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OutHistory Review

On the “About” page of OutHistory, there is a strong emphasis on the intended collective and interactive nature of the site. The first paragraph announces that it is intended to be a “forum” where people can “share and add” their own pieces of knowledge. The information available on the site is easily found, […]

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