Who is telling the story?

How can we use digital tools to capture the collective memory of the LGBT community when the community itself can be divided into different sub-groups or sub-cultures? Is this even possible? Is it more powerful if these sub-groups work on their own to tell their own collective memory?

A narrative becomes […]

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In my review of outhistory.org, I focus on user experience, its purpose as an archive, and as an interactive tool for visitors. I also review its donation page since I have experience with fundraising for nonprofits, and this is my expertise.

First Impression

When I first saw the landing […]

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Teaching (Hetero)Sexuality: 1960s Sexual Education Films in the United States

United States sexual education programs are not a neutral force. Sexual education programs do not simply offer lessons in anatomy and biology, but also in specific forms of gendered social behavior and heterosexuality. In Sex Goes to School, Susan K. Freeman writes that “the history of sex education could be viewed as an exercise of […]

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Dead Lesbian Syndrome: An Analysis of Queer Representation

Television is an integral part of American society. In Kathryn Montgomery’s book on advocacy groups and television, she writes, “Prime time [television] draws most of its material from contemporary American life […] Though the patterns of this ‘world of television’ do not match the contours of the real world, the more people consume TV’s images, […]

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