The History of NYU LGBTQ Activism

In the late 1960s, two new forces were finding their feet in Greenwich Village. Gay liberation was coming out of the closet and into the streets, clashing with the police and making waves in public life; just down the street, New York University was starting to rebuild its image as a prominent research […]

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Theme Proposal

History of LGBTQ Activism at NYU

For my first topic, I plan to research the history of LGBTQ activism at NYU. I plan to use the University Archives for information about the founding of the LGBTQ Center, as they recently donated their records to the University. I am also hoping to conduct […]

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OutHistory Review

On the “About” page of OutHistory, there is a strong emphasis on the intended collective and interactive nature of the site. The first paragraph announces that it is intended to be a “forum” where people can “share and add” their own pieces of knowledge. The information available on the site is easily found, […]

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