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What is “Science Fiction”?

Science fiction, as a genre, seems determined to defy classification. Sometimes realistic, and sometimes so extraordinary as to be literally out of this world, science fiction encourages its audience to ask questions and addresses the anxieties and fears of the unknown brought on by change, but can also deal in the hope that humanity can [...]

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“Science Fiction, Double Feature….”

science fiction is // personal and communal It's my father and I watching every single episode of Star Trek TNG together. We've never gotten along, and as the years add up, I realize we'll never really understand one another in this lifetime. In my family, it's my father--a colossally homophobic Southerner, conservative Republican, converted Roman [...]

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Sci-Fi Synthesis: A Definition in Progress

Relying on falsified data and predictive theories regarding the future, Science Fiction explores the unknown. As a form of speculative fiction, the genre blurs lines, lacks a concrete definition, and appeals to an abstract nature. The improbable becomes probable. Rooted in the premise of fact while supporting hypothesis, Science Fiction presents a fantasized ideal. The genre [...]

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My Science Fiction may not be your Science Fiction, and that’s okay

Science Fiction is a genre of literature that often deals with topics such as experimentation or space exploration, but it pushes the narrative beyond “the real” to include extraterrestrials, experiments gone wrong, reanimation, and time travel, among other things. Works of science fiction may also feature mythical creatures or magic; however, those elements are more [...]

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Defining Science Fiction

Speculative fiction is an expansive and interconnected genre, so parsing down where the sub-genre "science fiction" begins and ends and what exactly its traits are is as subjective a question as any. When compared with genres in the same family, like fantasy, what appears to define science fiction is the rooting of its extranormal elements [...]

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Unpacking Science Fiction

Attempting to parse through the various—and sometimes competing—definitions of Science Fiction makes you realize how nebulous the concept is. In the public consciousness, Science Fiction traditionally adopts the trappings of science and is inherently future oriented and extrapolative. The emphasis on extrapolation in a number of definitions of Sci-Fi isn’t all that surprising. Ultimately, scientific [...]

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What is Science Fiction?

Like Le Guin writes, most of the people (including me) has regarded sci-fi as a prophet or future-predicting work that the author knows something is to happen. But essentially, sci-fi writers are ordinary human beings who extract something from the present era that they observe, and based on that information and piece of reality to [...]

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