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The Emergence of Sci-Fi in Dance with Wayne McGregor’s Autobiography

Bodies with minds to match. Essential, as we push out further.  — Gattaca, 1997 When I observe ten unique bodies in space flicking their four limbs outwards and experiencing the tragic ecstasy of recoiling back inwards, I think of the many unanswered, unexplainable questions we still have about the body in motion. Physicality, [...]

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Proposal: Game Based SF

If alien creatures occasionally discover the solar system and the Earth, they will find out this azure planet is full of human being. It is true that human becomes the top class of the earth food chain for a long time, or, in another way, become the alien destroyer of the ecological system for thousands [...]

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Proposal: Feminism and Fragile Masculinity in #XMen

For the final project, I propose to turn the initial run of X-Men into an interactive Twitter experience using original dialogue from the comics and modernizing the language to explore the relationships of the team and expose the decidedly anti-feminist portrayal of Jean Grey. The X-Men series, created for Marvel Comics in 1963 by Stan [...]

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v u l n i c u r a : curing wounds with dance, a study of The OA

The text The Netflix series The OA begins by establishing that Prairie Johnson is missing. Many mystery/drama/thrillers open with the quest to find a lost woman, but it’s not exactly how most science-fiction stories begin. Even more out of the ordinary, the mystery of Prairie’s disappearance, her randomly cured blindness, and her potential origin are [...]

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Data, Emotion, and the Ocular; Machine Vision in TNG

INTRODUCTION The 1973 film Westworld was the first effort of filmmakers to bring to screen a rendition of “machine vision,” with the camera adopting the point of view of the Gunslinger android on the hunt for the lead character Martin. Martin had previously damaged the android’s “vision” with acid, and thus the Gunslinger’s sight is [...]

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Project Proposal: The God Themselves

Mengjia Zhao   Proposal  I choose The God Themselves as the text base of the final project. Written by Isaac Asimov in 1972 (almost half a century from now,) the book is divided into three main parts, from the perspectives of human beings on Earth, the intelligent beings on another planet in a parallel universe, and the lunar society on the moon. An overarching theme (which totally caught [...]

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Week 2 Questions (WotW)

How do adapters choose which bits to use directly and which to change to update the work for their current audience? Or, more directly, what makes the introduction of the original novel so powerful and eloquent that Spielberg's only value-add is Morgan Freeman while Orson Welles also chooses (or perhaps was limited to) adding voice? [...]

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Making Sense of Science Fiction

What is science fiction? A student of fantastic literature would often find one’s object of study scrutinized, as its definitional boundaries do not always cohere with traditional literary standards. Fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, dystopias and utopias, and to some extent magic realism, among many others, share blurred boundaries as we might often find texts [...]

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