Science fiction under the umbrella of fiction, describes imaginary plots and characters and more specifically, refers to futuristic concepts like advanced technology, space, and time travel. However, like all stories, science fiction is a genre that incorporates some form of truth surrounding the essence of what it is to be a human being. What’s more incredible is that science fiction authors are able to use science fiction as a tool to remove readers from their existing perceptions of their lives and world and instead see an alternative interpretation. Writers are also able to make powerful statements surrounding stereotypes, relationships, social, economic and political views, and any other ‘hard-to-discuss’ topic. Ultimately, science fiction authors are able to carve out a space for individuals to free themselves from their existing mentality and perhaps identify with a viewpoint that they would not have otherwise been able to consider.

To me, what’s even more fascinating is that although science fiction involves technological or scientific concepts that may not be real in the way that they are portrayed at the time, it offers up the possibility that it COULD one day become real. Space travel for example is real enough to imagine, especially following man’s landing on the moon, but it isn’t as seamless as it is portrayed within the science fiction genre. While some may be of the view that science fiction is, in a way, predictive of future developments, it is no doubt that science fiction at least serves as an inspiration to the future of science and technology.