What is Science Fiction? 

Science Fiction is a genre of fictional art that comes in the forms of books, movies, etc... It often incorporates underlying larger themes in its portrayals. Science fiction resembles the stories that were passed on like fables, myths or even perhaps superstitions, like “The boy who cried wolf”. This fable has moral purpose to its story. It resembles Science fiction in the sense that it requires the audience to read between the lines. Science fiction more often than not attempts to predict the future considering past or current social events.  

In addition, Science fiction usually has a plethora of scientific, technological advances, time travel or life on earth sort of elements included and delivers on stories/ performances that are leave the audience pensive but also entertained throughout the process. Like for example the shows “human”, “sense8”, “Black Mirror”, “Altered Carbon” and many more. They explore the advancement of humanity or the discovery of a new race, future technological developments, the possible redefinition of what it means to be human, etc… all with the purpose to entertain and educate.