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What Makes a Science Fiction and SF Genre Products in China: From Liu Cixin’s Wandering Earth to Other Works and Chinese SF Writers

Two years ago, when Wandering Earth was firstly published on the screen in China, people gathered around and flowed to the cinema for watching it. It sounds nothing important, however, that was quite big news in China --- no other films can earn such total prestige with so much praise in China, especially on the [...]

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The stories we tell ourselves: Exploring the power of cultural conspiracy in Tarkovsky’s “Stalker”

When Andrei Tarkovsky’s last Russian-made film opens, viewers are transported to a haunting post-apocalyptic sepia-toned wasteland, sometime after a meteor crashes into Earth. In its wake: the mysterious creation of a vivid, colorful patch of wilderness everyone calls The Zone. With its perimeter heavily controlled by the military, The Zone is a seldom-visited place of [...]

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The Immutable Data of Interactive Television

The televised anthology Black Mirror speculates how new technologies will affect the near future. While some of its episodes play with periods and genres, the series commonly projects dystopian societies and relationships caused by humans' growing reliance on computers. Created by Charlie Booker, the show originated on Britain's Channel 4, but in 2015, internet and [...]

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When Human and Tech Collapse: A Close Reading of Estrada’s “Alienation”

Alienation by Ines Estrada is a science fiction graphic novel that follows Elizabeth and her boyfriend Carlos through their daily life in 2054. The book oscillates between the utopic virtual reality filled with adventure and life in contrast to a violent physical reality of climate degradation and paranoia. 2054 is eerily tangible, offering snapshots of [...]

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Snowpiercer: A Critique on Class and Climate Change

Snowpiercer, based on the French post-apocalyptic graphic novel of the same name (Le Transperceneige) by Jacques Lob, was released in 2013, thirty-one years after the release of this graphic novel in 1982. While this movie makes many critiques on our society in its year of publication, said critiques continue to be valid even today. Snowpiercer [...]

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The Day After Tomorrow: The Politics of Climate Change

Climate change and global warming have been a concern for decades now. What has also been consistent, are the critics and government officials who deny the existence of climate change, humanity’s role in such changes, and whether it is concerning enough to invest time and money into preventative measures. Analyzing the years leading into the [...]

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Ex Machina: What Computers Can Do?

Ex Machina is a science fiction thriller film written and directed by Alex Garland, starring Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, Oscar Issac, and Sonoya Mizuno. It tells a story of a young programmer invited to participate in a technological and psychological experiment about artificial intelligence. The director had the idea that “computers have minds” when he [...]

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“Dinosaurs Eat Man—Woman Inherits the Earth”: How Jurassic Park Subverts Male Power Fantasies

When the chief engineer John Arnold fails to return to the safety of the bunker in the 1993 film Jurassic Park, the character Ellie Sattler volunteers to retrieve him. The power is out and the dinosaurs are running freely through the park, causing destruction and chaos in their wake. John Hammond, the venture capitalist who [...]

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Individualism and Collectivism in the Search for a New Home

            Earth as an uninhabitable planet seems both like fiction as well as a foreseeable future. In recent years, more and more apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic science fiction are being produced in reaction to climate change and the environmentally disastrous path we see ourselves going down with. Both Interstellar and The Wandering Earth are films within the genre. However, being [...]

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