1. description of the original text and its socio-cultural and historic contexts.

DC’s Legends of tomorrow is a tv show that currently airs on the CW. The show is about a group of individuals who time travel around the world to save fix history. The group was picked and formed by Captain Rip Hunter who is considered a time master. Rip went on to form the team in order to eliminate the threat that is known as Vandal Savage from destroying history and killing off Rip’s wife and son. After numerous attempts, Rip sought out a group of strangers under false pretenses so they could aid them in his quest for the life of his family. Rip went to the year 2016, in Star City to recruit them to join him. Amongst the group are Sara Lance, an ex-member of the league of assassins. She once died and was resurrected through the Lazarus pit with the help of John Constantine which left her with a thirst for blood; not literally! Ray Palmer another resident of Star City is a businessman and former CEO of Palmer Tech where he developed the Atom Suits, his main gadget of use in combats. Mick Rory is a pyromaniac who has a penchant for theft and fire which he emits from his gun. He came along with his best friend and partner in crime, both literally and figuratively Leonard Snart. He also has a penchant for theft but prefers cold which he also emits from his gun. Next, we have Dr. Martin Stein who is an old man, nuclear physicist and one part of firestorm along with Jefferson Jackson. Jefferson is a mechanic and as previously mentioned another part of this creation called firestorm. Now firestorm is the process of transmutation through which Dr. Stein and Jefferson become one and visually look as if they are on fire with other incredible abilities such as flying. These are the ones that were recruited by Captain hunter but as the show developpes, there a few other characters who are introduced to drive the story of time traveling history fixers. For the purpose of this project, I aim to look specifically at Season 2 and Episode 4 “Abomination” of DC’s legends of tomorrow. This specific episode is about the group going back to 1863 to fix history for the events of the civil war to take place. Throughout the story, there is the apparition of a time pirate, who could cause an even bigger disruption to the course of time. As the group arrives in 1863 Mississippi, they come across an African American messenger running from zombies. In the purpose of cutting verbosity, the group eventually risks ruining time by releasing a plethora of people who were enslaved on a plantation as a way to fix history. Although we are long past the times of slavery of African American in the US, we still reside in a racist society. This episode alludes to the fact that slavery should be something that if given the chance, is probably worth the chance to change.  

  1. justification for the alternate version that explains the new socio-cultural/historical contexts. 

As we are currently living in these times of BLM, there is a plethora of manifestations that have taken place. From the marches, to the abundant and at times performative nature of the black square posted online in support of the cause. With the possibility of time travel, would it be worth the repercussion to fix that part of history if we were to go back and undo some of the past damages? The answer may never be known but I am interested in what would happen if some individuals who claim to be woke, negate Black Lives Matter but all lives matter and those who simply believe in Black Lives Matter as a trend, were stuck in a southern state in 1850. I am very interested in exploring the relationship and the choices that both the readers would make as this would be created as an interactive story. We often hear that, walk a mile in my shoe and you might think differently so I aim to create an experience/ space for people to walk in other’s shoes. 

  1. engagement with relevant theoretical perspectives as they apply to the original work and to the new version. 

I believe that in the end of this episode, the writer hints at the possibility that although we are not able to go back in time and fix past mistakes, there’s still time to repair them in the current present. Structural racism is still and has been a pervasive issue in the US and the new version would attempt to make people think as they go through the story. Instead of just being aware of the problem, they would now make a choice on how to act. It is not enough to be aware of your privilege, you must act on it. It will speak to the idea that being nonracist is not like being anti-racist and furthermore how non racism and not seeing color perpetuates if not enables racism around us. 

  1. a work plan for the project.
  • Look into specific events in 1850 
  • Refine the theme and subject of the story as well as its purpose 
  • Devise a plan on how to achieve my purpose 
  • Look into 1850’s southern English 
  • Draft different stories that will direct the path chosen by the reader 
  • Familiarize myself with Inklewriter  
  • Implement the idea of a “novum” along with very clear descriptions of its purpose and how it helps move the story along as well as the purpose of the new version.