Science Fiction is about the concerns for “here”, it speculates about what the future will be like by exaggerating the existing conflicts at present. There are five elements for action cycle in the stage performance directing theory- Inciting incidents, Crisis, Catastrophe, Climax and Denouement. Science Fiction is like revealing the catastrophe and climax resulting from these conflicts.

Science Fiction is a safe zone for all kinds of criticism towards the society since it uses metaphor to escape from being accused of pointing at the reality. It’s like using the concept of multiverse and build the world based on the elements we have right now and choose a controversial path to go to the extreme. When all the topics are merged together it only feels like an itch, but when the topic is extracted apart and put under the spotlight it will be strong enough to blow our minds. It is about performing the possible reality we will have if we don’t change our behaviors.

In spite of exaggerating the conflicts, it is also an opinion towards the emerging new stuff. It somehow reflects the cultural background of where it was born. The moral compass, social economics The reasons behind the choices of world settings, characters’ personalities or the endings are all mirroring the society back then. From my own understanding, Science Fiction is an apocalypse towards which you can feel aligning with all the human beings without feeling categorized.