The beginning quote by Louis Althusser in the essay, “Science Fiction and Critical Theory,” by Carl Freedman, in which it says, “To change the world is not to explore the moon…”. This is not the full quote, nor the full meaning, but it did strike me. The point of changing the earth is not to explore the moon, but maybe exploring the moon can help us change the world. To me, that is Science Fiction, the point of Science Fiction is not to simply explore a universe that is being taken over, of a world that is heavily impacted by the climate crisis, Robot control, or a Space Mission, it is about using said themes to hopefully help change the world that we exist in.

I read Science Fiction because it reminds me of the ways our World could go, the ways technology could adapt, the way another life exists beyond ours, and how our current life can be shaped differently even five years from now. Science Fiction is pliable, adaptable because at the best and worst times it takes shape of a world that is somewhat familiar for its audience. It is a genre that can have re-used characters, but the different plots can be endless. The way Science Fiction shows me the scary and potentially horrible things that could eventually exist comforts me, it draws me in, and it gives me the ability to critique the world around me, so that hopefully something can change. It shows me exactly what it needs to, by not exploring it directly. Science Fiction is the art of not exploring the Moon.