To name and define Science-Fiction is an act of rebellion against those who seek to diminish its worth. These are the readers whom Ursula LeGuin accuses of often calling the genre “escapist” while being privately frightened of its literary strength and revealing of haunting truths. Beyond aesthetics, beyond means, the essence of Sci-Fi as LeGuin states is a descriptive genre that distillates truths of the present and then expands upon them. These realities are magnified to reveal their innate truths. Science is simply the means by which to expose these realities. Science works for these purposes because it is at the essence of the modern world and, in some respects, functions as a modern pseudo-deity. While one could argue that today many talk away science, a generous soul with a teaspoon of mercy may respond that many of those who today reject the truths of science do so out of fear, not stupidity. I, therefore, reject that Sci-Fi demands the use of kitschy robotic and inter-planetary aesthetics, as to simply include these elements and deem it purest Sci-Fi is no different from the conflation of pornography and erotica. However, the one distinction I will make is that Sci-Fi does demand the use of Scientific Futurism due to the fact that without such, it would be no different from magical realism or true fantasy. 

I must make one additional claim that does not dictate the genre or even whether a text is good but, rather, if the text is “the best”. The Sci-Fi that I most enjoy is that which is not didactic in how to think of the future or how to adopt the onus of transforming society or the world, but rather one in which the author presents themselves as humble before the current and future reality of humanity and it’s child, science. Toni Morrison states that she edited her work until no fingers were present within the text. This literature is the best. And if we are to consider Sci-Fi as literature, we must hold it to the same standards. Sci-Fi written with humility and honor of the craft of literature as a whole is Sci-Fi worth reading. Sci-Fi written as an instruction manual grates the soul and, in my opinion, is a bastardization of the genre, earning itself the vilifying term “genre fiction”.

Also, can we be done with the expositional dialogue?