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Utopia: Where No One has Gone Before

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s “In the Pale Moonlight” premiered on April 15th, 1998 and is definitely an outlier in the Star Trek universe. Star Trek has always been considered a utopian science fiction universe. When the Star Trek premiered in 1966 it depicted a future that where humans made it past their nuclear adolescence [...]

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Arline Lee Final Project Proposal: Speculations on Exploration

Section 1: A Universe of Possibilities The first section will represent a section of the universe. The visitors will enter a large sphere, black, with small lights all around – a 3-dimensional representation of the universe that the visitors can walk through. There will be ramps (clear – with railings! maybe plexiglass tubes?) through this [...]

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Childhood’s End: Human Nature and Utopia

Childhood’s End: Human Nature and Utopia   Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End (1953) opens on two astronomers dreaming of the future of space travel when a fleet of alien ships descend and park themselves above the major cities on Earth. These ships are piloted by a race of aliens nicknamed “the Overlords” who seem to [...]

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Is this Science Fiction?

Science Fiction is space, aliens, robots, time travel, and tight plastic white jumpsuits with broad shoulders and no pockets (post-scarcity means post-functionality) - right? Most of the time science fiction is labeled by what it has in it. This is important, but it is not the only thing that makes it Science Fiction (SF). On [...]

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