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Smash! Bang! Block! Back to the Drawing Board (Prototype 1)

I started out this project fairly confident in my proposal “to expose the flaws of the earliest iteration of X-Men” by creating Twitter pages for the main characters and having them “engage with each other the way they do in the comic” to “allow for those following/participating in the threads to feel like another member [...]

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Colonialism in Thor: Ragnarok

Watching Thor: Ragnarok is an exhilarating experience, like the adult equivalent of being at the playground and swinging so high the chains of the swing set buckle when you’re at the top. Director Taika Waititi brings an improvisational sense of humor and self-awareness to the film that was sorely lacking in the first two installments [...]

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Proposal: Feminism and Fragile Masculinity in #XMen

For the final project, I propose to turn the initial run of X-Men into an interactive Twitter experience using original dialogue from the comics and modernizing the language to explore the relationships of the team and expose the decidedly anti-feminist portrayal of Jean Grey. The X-Men series, created for Marvel Comics in 1963 by Stan [...]

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Determinism in The Time Traveler’s Wife

In her review of Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife, critic Natasha Walter states that the novel “sets up a very benign kind of magic. Although his time travelling often exposes Henry to danger and embarrassment, it also serves to smooth out the rawness of lived experience” (Walter 1). Lisa Allardice further elaborates that “Walter [...]

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My Science Fiction may not be your Science Fiction, and that’s okay

Science Fiction is a genre of literature that often deals with topics such as experimentation or space exploration, but it pushes the narrative beyond “the real” to include extraterrestrials, experiments gone wrong, reanimation, and time travel, among other things. Works of science fiction may also feature mythical creatures or magic; however, those elements are more [...]

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