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Hi I'm Huda, but Starbucks calls me Hodu. I like eating food (KBBQ anyone?), nerding out about anime/manga, I'm addicted to coffee/tea, and I'm always down to go adventuring in and around the city! Feel free to hit me up if you want to hang out and fill our internal existential voids with good food and laughter 🦑

Party Talk (novel) w/ Artbreeder Characters

Party Talk  Note: the following character images have been created using Artbreeder: a machine-learning based website that allows users to create art through the StyleGAN and BigGAN models. In the case of this particular project, I have used Artbreeder to generate and modify character images. Also, none of the chapters below are finished. They are [...]

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Party Talk: A Novel

description of the original piece and its socio-cultural and historical contexts I first watched floatland by vewn about 3 years ago, when it first came out. The video, just under three minutes long, follows an unnamed girl who is playing a video game called floatland. As the levels increase while she plays the game, she [...]

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The City of Ember

The “City of Ember” is a novel that was published in 2003 by Jeanne DuPrau. The story follows a girl by the name of Lina Mayfleet who lives in an underground city, Ember, with her grandmother and little sister. Ember was built as a post-apocalyptic city with enough resources for its residents to survive for [...]

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What is Science Fiction? 👽

I’ve got to be honest, my views on science fiction are very split. On the one hand, I find that science fiction has a propensity for being the home-genre of the type of authors who like to write unnecessarily complex pieces of absolutely mindless, inaccessible, boring bullshit. Such pieces tend to be full of weird [...]

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