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Welcome to Beyond The Aquila Rift, an Immersive Theater Experience

A). Description of the original text and its socio-cultural and historical contexts: Written by former space scientist-turned-novel writer, Alastair Reynolds' Beyond The Aquila Rift  (2005) takes place in a not too distant future where galactic space travel is a reality and revolves around Captain Thomas Gundlupet of the Ashanti Industrial space vessel The Blue Goose, which has found itself on the [...]

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The Queerness Behind Dune’s Kwisatz Haderach

It is not possible to say whether Frank Herbert had a queer agenda in mind or not when he envisioned Dune (1965), but his idea of the savior as the Kwisatz Haderach whom his main character Paul Atreides, is discovered to be, is a perfect metaphor for the current rhetoric surrounding queer, trans and non-binary bodies. While Mr. Herbert's [...]

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What is Science Fiction?

Science Fiction is the ultimate extrapolation of human imagination. In this way, to me, it is a genre that seeks to push the boundaries of what genres can be. An implosion of that which has been newly discovered, acknowledged, and technologically developed, with the sorrows and elations of the human experience, as a way to [...]

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